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The Yumplatok Shorter Bible was dedicated in July 2014. This Bible contains a complete New Testament and the three Old Testament books of Genesis,  Ruth and Jonah. Work is underway in Daniel and the minor prophets. Audio of Mark’s gospel and Colossians is available along with an Android app.

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These resources may be purchased through The Bible Place, 3/38 Elder St, Alice Springs, Tel 08 8953 3057. Email

YumplatokTCS1424A -- Luk Tokbaut Zizas Yumplatok DVD set 1,2,&3100-Bible BooksDVDAuSIL0
YumplatokTCSD1421A -- Luk Tokbaut Zizas Yumplatok DVD #1100-Bible BooksDVDAuSIL15
YumplatokTCSD1422A -- Luk Tokbaut Zizas Yumplatok DVD #2100-Bible BooksDVDAuSIL15
YumplatokTCSD1423A -- Luk Tokbaut Zizas Yumplatok DVD #3100-Bible BooksDVDAuSIL15
YumplatokTCSD1424A -- Luk Tokbaut Zizas Yumplatok 3 DVD Set100-Bible BooksDVDAuSIL40
YumplatokTCSO141A -- Mak Yumplatok Book & CD MP3 audio files900-OtherCDAuSIL15
YumplatokTCSP2202A -- Tores Streit Yumplatok Baibol_x000D_
100-Bible BooksPrintBbible Society25
YumplatokTCSP2202A -- Yumplatok New Testament Genisis Ruth Jonah200-Multiple Bible BooksPrintBible Society20
YumplatokTCSP3151A -- Yumplatok Colouring Book Da Man U Bin Go Tru Da Rup300 Bible Stories & Small Portions2.5
YumplatokTCSP3152A -- Yumplatok Colouring book Da Gut Pisaman800-Music & Combinations2.5
YumplatokTCSP3153A -- Yumplatok Colouring book Da Boi Ud Bim Ranwe800-Music & Combinations2.5
YumplatokTCSP3154 -- Yumplatok Colouring book Da Gudman Uda Ligaut Sip800-Music & Combinations0
YumplatokTCSP3154A -- Yumplatok Colouring Book Da Gudmman Uda Lugaut Sip300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPRintAuSIL2.5
YumplatokTCSP3155A -- Yumplatok Teaser300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintAuSIL3.3
YumplatokTCSP3159A -- Yumplatok Colouring book _x000D_
Da Gudman Uda Lugaut Sip
300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintAuSIL0

General Language Information:

Yumplatok (also known as Torres Strait Creole) is spoken by around 30,000 people in far north Queensland and the Torres Strait.

The Torres Strait Island Flag shows the influences within the culture of the people. The green panels at the top and bottom of the flag represent the land, the central blue panel represents the sea. The black lines dividing the panels represent the Torres Strait Islander people. The centre of the flag shows a white dhari (dancer’s headdress) and the five points of the star represent the five island groups in the Torres Strait. The white represents the place of Christianity and of the ‘Coming of the Light’ (the arrival of missionaries to the Torres Strait).

While Yumplatok is a sister language to many Melanesian languages (eg. Solomon Pijin, Tok Pisin of Papua New Guinea and Bislama of Vanuatu) it is a distinct language in its own right.

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Some word examples :

Welcome – ‘Mayem’
Thankyou – ‘Eso’
Good Morning – ‘Gud Moning’
Yes — ‘Wa’
Goodbye – ‘Yawo’

Gen 1:1 Mina prapa longtaim, bipotaim, God i bin meke da skai ane ebriting de antap wea da skai, da lan ya daun ane ebriting lo da lan.