Gija (Kitja)


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Kitja Jonah was completed in 1978.

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General Language Information:

Kija (variously spelled Gija, Kitja, Gidja) is an Australian Aboriginal language today spoken by about 100 people, most of whom live in the region from Halls Creek to Kununurra and west to Lansdowne and Tableland Stations in Western Australia. It is a member of the Jarragan language family, a non-Pama-Nyungan family in the East Kimberleys. The Argyle Diamond Mine, on the south western corner of Lake Argyle is on the border of Kitja country. The Purnululu (pronounced as ‘Boornoolooloo’) Bungle Bungle National Park is mostly in Kitja country. From Wikipedia

Jonah 2:8 Tam waringarrim yakapaya purrun ngarri, tamalarrk ngarri pemperramanpe yakengirram kutpe, marran kat nemperrawurruta purru.