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This electronic version of Garrwa New Testament books (Kunyba Jangkurr Kudkanyi)  reflects the text as published on audio in 1983 by Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia.

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GarrwaGBCP311A -- Kunyba Jankurr Junkanyi300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintSIL Darwin1
GarrwaGBCP704A -- Kajin700-Biography & non-fictionPrintSIL, Australian Branch2.1

General Language Information:

Garrwa (N155) and neighbouring Waanyi G23 belong to the Garrwan language family. There are two known varieties: Heavy Garrwa, also called Eastern Garrwa or Gunindirri/Kunindirri; and Light Garrwa also called Western Garrwa. The 2004 NILS report records 40-200 speakers of the language. According to the Austlang database, the language area is “on the rocky inland dissected plateau country from Foelsche River and Robinson River Homestead south to headwaters of Robinson River and to Seigalls Creek Homestead; east to Wollogorang and to Westmoreland outstation only; northward only to edge of coastal plain about 40 miles (65 km.) inland from the sea; Calvert Hills.”

John 3:16 Marukangka Kud muwa kudanyu barri bukambijuyngka, nganinyimukuyngka, jibarrimukuyngka, bayamukuyngka. Manjijbayi nangangi Jandanyi Kudwanyi, marukangkangangi nyulu muwa bukambijuyngka. Ngala nanda jala jungku kunyba yurrngumba, jala kuyu nangangi jangkurr jandayngkanyi, janyulu wankijba yurrngumba. Jalija nangka janyba, baki mili wankijbaja, janyulu jungku wanka kingkarri Kudnyina.