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This electronic version of the Dieri New Testament, reflects the text as published in 1897 for the Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel Synod in Australia by G. Auricht, Tanunda 1897. It is the first complete New Testament in an Aboriginal Australian language.

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General Language Information:

(From https://dieriyawarra.wordpress.com/dieri-language/)

The Dieri language was traditionally spoken in the far north of South Australia, to the east of Lake Eyre. Dieri country is traversed by the lower reaches of Cooper Creek — a mostly dry watercourse that runs from western Queensland, through Innamincka and into Lake Eyre. There are very few fluent speakers left although quite a few still use words and expressions and encouragingly since 2009 the language has started being taught in schools.

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John 3:16  Ngangau jeruja Godali mitaia ngantj ana wonti, Nulia Ngatamura Kunakulno nunkani jinkina wonti, ngangau pratjanali tana nunkangu morlalu ngundranani, wata tintaterinanto, a-ai, tepi ngurali ngamalkananto.