Kala Lagaw Ya


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Minar Peolayzimayl (Kala Lagaw Mini Bible was published in 1993.

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Kala Kawaw YaMWP1P3147A -- Nowa- Kala Kawaw Ya - Noah300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintAuSIL3
Kala Kawaw YaMWPP3148A -- Noah- Kala Kawaw Ya300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintAuSIL5
Kala Kawaw YaMWP1P320A -- The Creation Story in KLY in Kala Kawaw dialect300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintAuSIL5
Kala Kawaw Ya dialectMWP1P3156A -- Mose - The Story of Moses in Kala Kawaw Ya300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintAuSIL7.5
Kalaw Lagaw YaMWPP2205A -- Minar Poelayzimayl200-Multiple Bible Books15
Kalaw Lagaw YaMWPP3148A -- Noah Kala Kawa Ya300 Bible Stories & Small Portions0
Kalaw Lagaw YaMWPP3156 -- The Story of Moses in Kala Kawa Ya Colouring Book300 Bible Stories & Small Portions7.5
Kalaw Lagaw YaMWPP320A -- The Creation Story in KLY300 Bible Stories & Small Portions5
Kalaw Lagaw YaMXXxP3156A -- The Story of Moses KKY300 Bible Stories & Small Portions0
Kalaw Lagaw YaTCSP3166A -- Verses from Minar Poelayzimayl_x000D_
700-Biography & non-fiction0

General Language Information:

Kala Lagaw is the language of the Western & Central Torres Strait Islands between Papua New Guinea and the Australian mainland. There are approximately 1,200 speakers in the Torres Strait area with others having moved to the Queensland mainland, particularly to cities such as Townsville and Brisbane (2006 Census).
According to a project run by the Alliance for Linguistic Diversity on endangered languages Kala Lagaw is now potentially endangered as people younger than thirty living in the language area are more likely to speak Torres Strait Creole.
Kala Lagaw’s personal pronouns are typically Australian, most kin terms are Papuan, and significant sea and agricultural vocabulary is Austronesian. This linguistic complexity may be a result of the Austronesian trade and settlement in South-West Papua, Torres Strait and Cape York which both oral tradition and archaeological evidence indicate occurred. However studies suggest that while the Kala Lagaw language has undergone substantial external lexical and grammatical influence the core morphology is Australian and not pidgin or creole in origin.

John 1:1 Mina kuykungu meparu Yangukudu. Wa, nungu nel Yangukudu, nuy Awgadhiya meparuy a nuy nungu geth Awgadh.