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This is a preliminary translation of some passages from Mark’s gospel into the the Kunjen (Oykangand) Dialect of Cape York Peninsular. It was published in 1967 with limited print run by Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia. English translations of the Nestlé Greek (Revised) Text were used as the basis. The translators acknowledge, the help of the Kunjen people in the preparation of this material and in particular Mrs. G. Cecil, Mrs. E. Henry and Mrs. K. Major. (Bruce and Elaine Sommer – translators.)

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General Language Information:

According to Omniglot,, Kunjen is a Southwestern Paman language spoken on the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland Australia. In 2005 there were just seven speakers of Kunjen, which is also known as Uw, Guguminjen or Kukumindjen. It is closely related to Kuuk Thaayorre. There were five dialects of Kunjen: Uw Olkola and Uw Oykangand, which were mutually intelligible; Ogh-Undjan, Kawarrangg and Athima, which differed more from Uw Olkola and Uw Oykangand.