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The Nyangumarta material available via this page contains both draft and consultant checked material. Whether a book is draft or consultant checked is indicated in each book’s introduction.  Since most of the previously published material was published in diglot form (Nyangumarta side by side with Nyangumarta English), we have endeavored to kept the diglot form for the online Bible. In the online Bible view, additional material such as Bible Readers series A&B, Bible Overview etc are located after Revelation,  For those wishing downloadable Nyangumarta English material, you may access this material here. It must be stressed again that a a fair amount of material is draft status and should not be treated as authoritative. The material has been made available as a working document with the hope that future translators can build on this work.

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NyangumartaNNAP364A -- Matthew 4:1-11 pamphlet300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsprintSIL Darwin0.3
NyangumartaNTJP364A -- Matthew 4:1-11 pamphlet300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsprintSIL Darwin0.3

General Language Information:

Nyangumarta is spoken in northern Western Australia to the south and east of Lake Waukarlykarly, including Eighty Mile Beach, and part of the Great Sandy Desert inland to near Telfer. The number of first language speakers range from 300 to about 520. But there are many more partial or second language speakers. It is touted to be the most widely spoken Aboriginal language in the town of Port Hedland. (From Wikipedia )

An excellent overview of the language can be found on the Wangkamaya site

Mark 1:1 Ngalypakata muwarr nyungu, miranu jinarninyurrinyi Jesus-ku. Walja partany Ngarrkamili paliny. (This word is good, I am teaching you about Jesus. He is God’s own child)