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The Holi Baibul (a complete Kriol Bible containing both Old and New Testaments) was dedicated at the Katherine Christian Convention in May 2007 and was the result of a 27 year translation process by a team of dedicated indigenous translators, missionaries and Translation Consultants. A revison was published and dedicated at the Katherine Christian Convention in May 2019.
Today, it remains the only complete Bible published in an Australian Aboriginal Language.

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EnglishENGD911A -- Kriol Bible Dedication900-OtherDVDCIMR15
EnglishENGP5115A -- Work Papers of SIL-AAB, Series A Vol 10, Kriol of North Australia, A Language coming of Age500-Language & CulturePrintSIL Darwin25.6
KriolROPC2100A -- Interactive Kriol Baibul200-Multiple Bible BooksCDAuSIL10
KriolROPC828A -- Kewulyi 2_x000D_
Kriol and English Songs
800-Music & CombinationsCDCIMR15
KriolROPC8421 -- Jisas Im Laibala _x000D_
Kriol Songs and Bible Stories
800-Music & CombinationsCDCIMR15
KriolROPC8905A -- Dijan Kriol Kantri800-Music & CombinationsCDCIMR15
KriolROPD142A -- Luk DVDs100-Bible BooksDVDKriol Mob AuSIL20
KriolROPD142A -- Luk 4 DVDs100-Bible BooksDVDKriol Mob AuSIL20
KriolROPD212A -- Kriol Video Ruth Jeims & Failiman200-Multiple Bible BooksDVDWycliffe Australia10
KriolROPD709A -- Growing Up with the Kriol Baibul DVD700-Biography & non-fictionDVDCIMR10
KriolROPD911A -- Yusum det Kriol Baibul/ Kriol Bible Dedication DVD900-OtherDVDAuSIL10
KriolROPO916A -- Lord's Prayer in Kriol Poster Matt 6:9-13 A3 size900-OtherPrintBible Society5
KriolROPO9323A -- Lord's Prayer in Kriol (Small poster) A5900-OtherPosterBible Society2
KriolROPO9328A -- Kriol Postcard Romans 5:8800-Music & Combinations0.73
KriolROPO9367A -- Lord's Prayer Poster Kriol -Large300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPoster5
KriolROPP201A -- Holi Baibul / Kriol Bible200-Multiple Bible BooksPrintBible Society in Australia44
KriolROPP3136A -- Easter Story/ Kriol / Stori Blanga Istataim300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintImage Offset1
KriolROPP3141A -- Stori blanga God blanga Kriol Kantri with pencils300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintBible Society5
KriolROPP3159A -- Kriol Growing Strong in Jesus Light Green Booklet300 Bible Stories & Small Portions0.3
KriolROPP3160A -- Kriol Prayer Purple Booklet300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintBible Society0.3
KriolROPP3212A -- Wi garra bulurrumbat Jisas Following Jesus Blue Kriol Booklet300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsBookletBible Society0.3
KriolROPP3214A -- Stori blanga God blanga Kriol Kantri500-Language & CulturePrintBible Society5
KriolROPP3217A -- Jesus Forgives Us - Kriol Orange Booklet300 Bible Stories & Small Portions0.3
KriolROPP4201A -- Kriol Baibul Konkodans400-Bible ResourcesPrintCIMR5
KriolROPP832A -- Kriol Song Buk800-Music & CombinationsPrintCIMR12
KriolROPP909A -- Kriol Timeline900-OtherOtherCIMR1
KriolROPV313A -- Christmas Story in Kriol VHS300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsVideo10
Kriol / EnglishROPC814A -- Det Wed La Det Baibul - Randall Carew800-Music & CombinationsCDCIMR15
Kriol / EnglishROPP501A -- Kriol to English / English to Kriol Dictionary - Draft500-Language & CulturePrintAuSIL40
Kriol/EnglishROPD414A -- Something of Value
Kriol Baibul Dedication
400-Bible ResourcesDVDWBTA10
Kriol/EnglishROPD414A -- Something of Value _x000D_
Kriol Baibul Dedication
400-Bible ResourcesDVDWBTA10
Kriol/EnglishROPD9326A -- Kriol Kantri DVD set900-OtherDVDWBTA55
Kriol/EnglishROPO9310A -- An Intro to Conversational Kriol & 5CD's900-OtherPrint & CDCIMR55

General Language Information:

Kriol is an Australian creole language which developed through contact between indigenous groups and European settlers in the northern region of Australia. It is spoken by approximately 30,000 people. It was formally recognised as a distinct language in the 1970’s with its own unique structure and grammar.

It has been in use for almost a century, being taught throughout the generations. Whilst influenced by European languages, the structure and grammar is based on traditional aboriginal languages.

For many Kriol speakers it is not just a language but an important part of their identity. For many Aboriginal people, Kriol is a part of who they are, especially for those who no longer use a traditional language. It identifies them as being Aboriginal.

“I don’t understand English so when I read the Bible in Kriol, it helps me to understand it.” Julie Miller, Minyerri Community as quoted in AuSIL brochure “What is Kriol?”

Useful Links….

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Something of value video  8 min     4 mins     Youth version

Activities for young people

Kriol dictionary

Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my Shepherd in Kriol

” YAWEI, yu jis laik det brabli gudwan stakmen.

Yu oldei maindimbat mi,

En ai garram ebrijing brom yu.

Ai kaan wandim mowa.”

Saam 23:1