‘Anantherr Alyawarr ingkerr’
(We are all Alyawarr people)

Scripture Resources

This electronic version of the Alyawarr Bible, reflects the text as published in the 2010 edition of Angka Mwerr-angker plus new material completed to date. It was translated by members of AuSIL and staff of the Finke River Mission of the Lutheran Church of Australia, in consultation with Alyawarr people, and published by Bible Society Australia.

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These resources may be purchased through The Bible Place, 3/38 Elder St, Alice Springs, Tel 08 8953 3057. Email

AlawaALYC804A -- Alyawarr Songs800-Music & CombinationsCDCIMR15
AlyawarrALYB142A -- Alyawarr Luke Book & microSD audio100-Bible BooksMicro SD & BookAuSIL30
AlyawarrALYC142A -- Luke Alyawarr CD only100-Bible BooksCDAuSIL32
AlyawarrALYP142A -- Alyawarr Luke Book only100-Bible BooksPrintAuSIL12
AlyawarrALYP208A -- Angka Mwerr-angker/Good News-Portions of Old & New Testament/200-Multiple Bible BooksPrintAlyawarr Translation Project22
AlyawarrALYP208A -- Good News-Portions of Old & New Testament/Angka Mwerr-angker200-Multiple Bible BooksPrintAlyawarr Translation Project30
AlyawarrALYP3102A -- Akngeyelan Ahern Nhenhen Arnwarnew/God Made this Earth (with pencils)300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintAlyawarr Translation Project7
AlyawarrALYP3103A -- Alakenh Tyeythethel Arnwarnenh Akalty anthenh then/Stories from God’s Word300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintAlyawarr Translation Project0
AlyawarrALYP3105A -- Angka Akarteng rnem Akngey kenh Pip-they/ Short Stories from God’s Word300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintAlyawarr Translation Project10
AlyawarrALYP3408A -- Akngey-wenh Alerijw-akert Jesus-akert God's Son Jesus300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintAlyawarr Translation Project5
AlyawarrALYP3409A -- Jesus -elan Tyenkerr Ikwerenh-rnem-akert Arlkwew - Jesus ate the Passover with his Deciples-colour book & pencils300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintAlyawarr Translation Project7
AlyawarrALYP3410A -- Tyitheth Renharl Atnyenew Jesus was Born Colouring Book & Pencils900-OtherPrintAlyawarr Translation Project6
AlyawarrALYP3411A -- Jesus-elan Arntety-rnem Mwerrelew Jesus healed Sick People Colouring Book & Pencils (W'house no pencils)300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintAlyawarr Translation Project6
AlyawarrALYP530A -- Alyawarr Picture Dictionary500-Language & CulturePrintIAD Press30
AlyawarrALYP537A -- Alyawarr to English Dictionary500-Language & CulturePrintIAD Press20
AlyawarrALYP8121A -- Alyawarr songbook_x000D_
Anantherran Aylelheyel Ngkweng
800-Music & CombinationsPrint8
AlyawarrALYP8121A -- Alyawarr songbook, Anantherran Aylelheyel Ngkweng800-Music & CombinationsPrintAuSIL10
AlyawarrALYP9333A -- Ywelew-wenh Aperrk Yulu's Charcoal900-OtherPrintAlyawarr Translation Project2
AlyawarrALYP9334A -- Alyawarr Colouring Book & pencils900-OtherPrintAlyawarr Translation Project7
AlyawarrALYP9338A -- Akngey ngkweng ilkelheyel, Alyawarr Sticker900-OtherPrintAuSIL2
AlyawarrALYP9375A -- Tyitheth Renharl Atnyenew Alyawarr
The Story of Christmas
colouring book only
AlyawarrALYP977A -- Jesus-an Katy Ilwew/Jesus Died for Us book and CD or Cassette900-OtherPrint + CD/CassetteAlyawarr Translation Project0
AlyawarrALYP978A -- Nthenh angkwarr Alay warlen/Is This the Way to the Sea book & pencils900-OtherPrint +Alyawarr Translation Project4
AlyawarrALYS142A -- Alyawarr Luke audio only on micro SD card100-Bible BooksMicroSDAuSIL10
AlyawarrALYU142A -- Alyawarr Luke audio USB sticks only100-Bible BooksUSBAuSIL10
AlyawarrALYU201A -- Alyawarr 1 & 2 Thessalonians audio USB only200-Multiple Bible BooksUSBAuSIL AliceSprings10
Alyawarr and EnglishALYU803A -- One Day Soon800-Music & CombinationsUSB15
Aylawarr NorthernALYNP208A -- Angka Mwerr-angker /Good News / Portions of OT and NT /Northern Edition Alyawarr200-Multiple Bible BooksPrintAlyawarr Translation Project22

General Language Information:

The Alyawarr language is spoken by about 1800 people (2011 Census). The majority of these people are located in the northeastern parts of the Central Australia approximately 300 km north east of Alice Springs.

According to the 2001 Census the Alyawarr language has the sixth largest number of speakers of any of the traditional Aboriginal languages (excluding creole languages) making it a large and viable language.

The Alyawarr people have maintained a strong affiliation with their traditional country region with most speakers living in small remote outstations, hunting and gathering bush foods. There has been limited interference by other cultures therefore their language remains relatively preserved, with a young speaking population.

The Alyawarr MiniBible ‘Angka Mwerr-angker’ was published in 2010 and launched at Irrultja outstation (4 hours drive from Alice Springs) on Palm Sunday 2010, this is a diglot edition in both Alyawarr and English.

John 3:16: Akngey ingkerrenhek artewentyel ilkelheyel ahern nhenh-areny-rnemek. Rarl alerikw anyentant ikwerenh arwa alhewer-antey thwenek ahern nhenh-warl. Ingwerentyel ikwerenh-angkwarr apententy, rap iteth intem aneyenh, ilwey-angenh.