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This is a digital version of Wullunnu-wunia Mark nunya, and Wullunnu-wunia Luke nunya (1943)  gospel of St. Mark & Luke translated by J.R.B. Love (James Robert Beattie)

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General Language Information:

The Worrorran language family consists of a large number of languages and dialects, historically spoken in the northern Kimberley region. Although critically endangered, it can be found in the areas from” Collier bay to Prince Regent river; Secure bay and Walcott inlet; northern boundary Rothsay Water, inland about 40–50 km along Princess May ranges to Mount Hann, Mount French and cliff base of the tablelands. (ethnologue.com)

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Handbook of Kimberley Languages by William McGregor

Luke 9:23 Ardarawaia kundjuŋąnąŋgori, Aua nąmba lai kauwonanąŋga ŋḁnŋunmalando: wunja, aua ŋundju-ŋundju kari kąni:nja, wongaia anąŋga tjile-jile kumenja, ŋḁnmalando:nja.