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This electronic version of the Luritja Shorter Bible (Katujaku Wangka Ngaatja Irriṯitja An Ngaṉṯitja Tjungu Ngarrinyi) reflects the 2006 publication by Bible Society Australia. It contains the abridged Old Testament and full New Testament.

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These resources may be purchased through The Bible Place, 3/38 Elder St, Alice Springs, Tel 08 8953 3057. Email

EnglishPIUP551A -- The Core of Pintupi Grammar500-Language & CulturePrintAuSIL10
English and PintupiPIUC8206A -- Mustard Seed CD by Simon Jungari Dixon200-Multiple Bible BooksCDFinke River Mission18
Lurijta/ PintupiPIUP4208A -- Wiya putu kulira ngulrrinytjaku Do not be afraid400-Bible ResourcesPrintBSA1
Luritja/ PintupiPIUP4206A -- Watiya nguwanpa nganana pakantjaku Growing Strong in Jesus400-Bible ResourcesPrintBSA1
Luritja/ PintupiPIUP4207A -- Yiitjuku tjukarurru nyinanytjaku
Living for Jesus
400-Bible ResourcesPrintBSA1
Luritja/ PintupiPIUP4209A -- Alatji tjapintjaku - Prayer400-Bible ResourcesPrintBSA1
Luritja/ PintupiPIUP426A -- Yiitjulu nganampa kuya wanipayi Jesus forgives Us400-Bible ResourcesPrintBSA1
Luritja/PintupiPIUP3157A -- Living for Jesus_x000D_
Yiitjuku tjukarurru nyinanytjaku
300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintBible Society0.3
MixedXXXC8158A -- Sandal in the Desert/Pintupi/pintupi luritja gospel band800-Music & CombinationsCDTracks in the Desert20
Pintu-LuritjaPIUP424A -- Pintupi/Luritja Hymnal_x000D_
Tuḻku Yinkapayitjarra
400-Bible ResourcesPrintOpenbook Publishers25
Pintu-LuritjaPIUP424A -- Tulku Yinkapayitjarra/Lutheran Hymnal, Liturgy & Prayers400-Bible ResourcesPrintFRM25
Pintu-LuritjaPIUP501A -- Pintupi/Luritja Dictionary 3rd Edition500-Language & CulturePrintInstitute for Aboriginal Development30
PintupiPIUC8194A -- Yiwarra Palya Simon Jungari Dixon Pintupi800-Music & CombinationsCDDesert Song Pty Ltd14
Pintupi LuritjaPIUK8201A -- FRM cassette pack800-Music & CombinationscassetteFRM5
Pintupi/ LuritjaPIUC8199A -- Jesulu nyanganyi Papunya Outreach Ministries Pintupi/ Luritja800-Music & CombinationsCDDesert Song20
Pintupi/LuritjaPIUP202A -- Katutjialu Watjantja Malatjanu200-Multiple Bible BooksPrintBible Society in Australia10
PIntupi/Luritja/EnglishXXXC8158A -- Sandal in the Desert - Pintupi/ Lurotja/English800-Music & CombinationsCD20
Pintupi-LuritjaPIUP201A -- Katutjaku Wangka - or_x000D_
Katutjaku Wangka Irrititja An Ngantitja Tjungu Ngarrinyi
200-Multiple Bible BooksPrintThe Bible Society30
Pintupi-LuritjaPIUP201A -- Katutjaku Wangka Irrititja An Ngantitja Tjungu Ngarrinyi200-Multiple Bible BooksPrintThe Bible Society25
Pintupi-LuritjaPIUP541A -- A Learners Guide to Pintupi-Luritja500-Language & CulturePrintIAD Press30

General Language Information:

This language is spoken as a first language by 1,600 people and approximately 600 people as a second language in the Papunya, Kintore region of the Northern Territory (240km north west of Alice Springs) stretching over to Kiwirrkura in Western Australia.The term Luritja is believed to come from the Arrernte word lurinya meaning ‘foreigner’, which may have developed when the Luritja left their traditional lands in Western Australia and moved east into Arrernte land.