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Nyanyapa Arrku Gun-nika Gun-molamola Janguny (‘Our Father’s Good Story’) (the Burarra New Testament) was completed in 1991 and then was revised and reprinted in 2008. Wycliffe Bible Translators David and Kathy Glasgow spent 29 years working with the local people learning the language and translating the Scriptures with a team of Burarra translators.

The Mark A-Wukurrjinga (Gospel of Mark) is available in booklet form, there were also several stories from the Old Testament translated by the Bible Society and Wycliffe Bible Translators between 1980 and 1982, these included: ‘Jonah’, ‘Joseph, son of Jacob’, ‘Moses’, ‘Noah’s Story’, ‘The Story of Abraham’ and ‘The Creation Story’.

Recently the audio version of the New Testament was completed and is available below.

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These resources may be purchased through The Bible Place, 3/38 Elder St, Alice Springs, Tel 08 8953 3057. Email

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General Language Information:

The Burarra language is spoken by about 600 people in the Blyth & Cadell River regions and in the town of Maningrida in North-Central Arnhem Land (pictured right), in the Northern Terrritory, some 400kms east of Darwin.

The town of Maningrida was established just after World War 2 as a Welfare Department settlement with aboriginal groups from outlying regions moving into the town. Per capita, Maningrida is perhaps the most multilingual community in the words with as many as 15 distinct language groups living there. Most people have command of at least 3 of these languages.

The Burarra language consists of three dialects: Gunarta (also referred to as Anabarra), Gun-narda (also known as Martay) and Gun-nartpa. Burarra has 21 consonants and 5 vowels.

Useful Links….

AuSIL (www.ausil.org.au). There is also a Burarra Online Dictionary available on their website.

Some word examples :

God – ‘wangarr’

goodbye – ‘bobo’

yes, that’s right – ‘i-i’

no -‘ngika’

Lord Jesus – ‘Garray’

John 1:1 Mu-ngoyurra baman gu-ni Wengga nipa an-gatiya. Minypa Wengga nipa wugupa nula Wangarr, rrapa nipiya Wangarr.