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This electronic version of the the Christmas Story from Luke chapter 2 in Kukatja, (text and audio) was published in the 2021 by Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia. Further work has almost been completed on Mark’s Gospel chapter 14-16.

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General Language Information:

Kukatja’s traditional lands cover roughly 11,900 square miles (31,000 km2), centering around Lake Gregory and running east as far as Balgo. The northern frontier lay about Billiluna, and the waters at Ngaimangaima, a boundary marker between their northern neighbours, the Dyaru, and the Ngardi to their east. They were present westwards on the Canning Stock Route, from Koninara (Godfrey Tank) to Marawuru (Well 40) (Wikepdia).

According to AIATSIS, Kukatja  is a variety of the Western Desert language in the north of Western Australia. In 1991 the language was spoken at Wirrumanu (formerly the Balgo Mission) and also at Yaka Yaka, Malarn (Lake Gregory), Billiluna, Kiwirrkura, Lamarnparnta, Ngarantjadu, Ngirrpi, Piparr and Walkarli. In 2011 Kukatja was spoken at Kunawarritji and Balgo.

Sources vary widely on the number of speakers – The 2004 NILS report – 1000, 2011 ABS Census – 521 and the Ethnologue – 130

Luke 2:14: “Mama palyaminyirri yalkuringka kankarra nyininpa. Mama ngurrku nyininpa puntu laltuku miku-ya kurrurnpa palya nyinamalpa parnangka”