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Wangki Wulyu Jirrkirlikanujuwal, ‘The Good News that Straightens’, was published in 1985. It is a translation of passages from the Old and New Testament in the Walmajarri language. The translation was made by members of Wycliffe Bible Translators and Walmajarri people at Fitzroy Crossing between 1969 and 1983 and has been checked by the translation department of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Australian Aborigines Branch.

The Old Testament passages are presented as stories though references to the chapter and book of the Old Testament from which they are taken are given.   These stories include most major characters and events of Old Testament history.

The New Testament passages are translated from the Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles. Passages from Acts have been abridged. Many of the passages have been translated at the request of the Walmajarri people or missionaries in the area.

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WalmajarriWMTC8416A -- Walmajarri Songs800-Music & CombinationsCDCIMR15
WalmajarriWMTD521A -- Walmajarri Interactive Dictionary500-Language & CultureDVDAuSIL15
WalmajarriWMTP8196A -- Walmajarri Hymn book800-Music & CombinationsPrintAuSIL3

General Language Information:

The Walmajarri language (Ethnologue/ISO code: wmt) is a Pama–Nyungan language spoken by the Walmajarri people. The Walmajarri traditionally lived in the Great Sandy Desert to the south of the Kimberley but subsequent events took them to cattle stations, towns and missions scattered over a wide area in the north of Western Australia.  Currently Walmajarri people live in towns and communities from Mulan (Lake Gregory) in the east along the Fitzroy River valley and as far west as Bidjadanga on the coast.

1 John 1:9 Puju parliparlanyanu kurntayirlu yakurryakurrjawurlu takijulalany Ngarpuwu, wali nyanarti, wajapungku parlipangurla yakurryakurr Ngarpungu. Rukalanypala parlipangurla yakurra Ngarpungu. Ngarpu pa kayan, ngajirta kajiyungujuwal. Wulyu pa nyanarti Ngarpu. Yangka parlipanyanu takijulalany yakurrjawurlu, mapunparni parlipangurla wajapungany nukarnirla.