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The gospel of Mark was completed and printed in 2016. Audio for this gospel is now available along with an android app version. Work is underway in other books of the New Testament.

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These resources may be purchased through The Bible Place, 3/38 Elder St, Alice Springs, Tel 08 8953 3057. Email

MaungMPHP141A -- Gospel of Mark in Maung100-Bible BooksPrintUniting Church Coordinate Bible Society10
MaungMPHP347A -- Genesis Story Book 4/ Abraham ja adadpi ja yimartukpuning nuyu God300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsprintAuSIL1
MaungMPHP348A -- Genesis Story Book 2/ Adam300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintAuSIL1
MaungMPHP349A -- Genesis Bible Story Book 5/ Jacob-_x000D_
ja adadpi ja yimalngkawayn
300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsprintAuSIL1
MaungMPHP350A -- Genesis Story Book 6/ Joseph ja adadpi God yiwarlkung300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsprintAuSIL1
MaungMPHP351A -- Genesis Story Book 3/ Noah ja adapi ja awadanguk-rtil God300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsprintAuSIL1
MaungMPHP352A -- Maung Sunday School Activity Sheets300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsprintAuSIL, the Bible Society in Australia5
MaungMPHP353A -- Selections from Mark/ Yara Ta Urlu Ta Mark...300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsprintB.S.A.1

General Language Information:

The Maung (Mawung, Mawng, Gun-marung) language is spoken by nearly 400 people (371, 2016 Census) and is spoken on Warruwi (Goulburn Island), off the north west coast of Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territory. Maung language belongs to the Iwaidjan language family.

Children on Goulburn Island still speak Maung as a first language, making it healthier than many other traditional Indigenous languages, it is taught in schools alongside English and has the language status of ‘Vigorous‘ in Ethnologue .

The Gospel of Mark ‘God Nuyu Ngaralk Mark‘ was dedicated on South Goulburn Island on 22nd June 2016 as part of the 100th Year Anniversary of the Uniting Church in Warruwi celebrations. These celebrations included a gathering on the beach for a reenactment of the historic landing of Mission Founder Rev. James Watson, the first missionary to Goulburn Island 100 years before.

Useful Links….

For a video of the Warruwi Centenary and Maung Mark Dedication see:

Some word examples :

good— ‘namalal’ 
ghost/spirit— ‘manya’

Mark 1:1a Tukapa ta nungmalal ta ngaralk alaj Jesus Christ ja God inimalkpany. Tukapa ta ngungpanunma nuwurru.