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Gurre kamilaroi or Kamilaroi Sayings was a manual of Biblical instruction for the Kamilaroi people in their own language, produced by William_Ridley (Presbyterian_missionary) and published in Sydney in 1856 (from Wikipedia). Here is the original in pdf form.

General Language Information:

According to Gamilaraay is member of the Wiradhuric group of the Pama-Nyungan languages, and is spoken in New South Wales in Australia. The name of the language is also spelled Kamilaroi, Camilaroi, Kamalarai or Gamilaroi, and is pronounced [ɡ̊aˌmilaˈɻaːj].

The language was first documented with a basic word list collected by Major Thomas Mitchell in 1832. It was studied by William Ridley, a missionary, between 1852 and 1856.

In 2006 there were 35 speakers, all of whom spoke a mixture of Gamilaraay and English. The language is currently taught in a few pre-schools and primary schools.


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From Matthew 9: 27-30 Ila immanuel warine, goe “minna ŋindai goalle? minna
ŋaia murramulle?” ŋarma goe, “durunmi, wuna
ŋeane ŋummildai.” ila immanuel ŋarma mil tāmūlda:
baianbu ŋarma murru ŋummillego.

Then Immanuel stood still, said “What you will say? What
I shall do?” They said “King, grant
us to see.” Then Immanuel them eyes touches;
instantly they are able to see.