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Part of the Ngaanyatjarra Bible was published for the first time in 1976, with the complete New Testament (Mama Kuurrku Wangka Marlangkatjanya) first published in 1991. Mama Kuurrku Wangka (the Ngaanyatjarra Shorter Bible, containing 18% of the OT as well as the entire NT) published by the Bible Society was dedicated in Warburton Ranges, WA on Pentecost Sunday 2008 (pictured below). The translation team coordinators Amee Glass and Dorothy Hackett had worked faithfully on the translation for more than 40 years.

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These resources may be purchased through The Bible Place, 3/38 Elder St, Alice Springs, Tel 08 8953 3057. Email

EnglishENGP5113A -- Work Papers of SIL-AAB, Series A Vol 7. Ngaanyatjarra Sentences500-Language & CulturePrintSIL Darwin10.2
EnglishENGP5124A -- Cohesion in Ngaanyatjarra Discourse_x000D_
Occasional Papers No. 4
500-Language & CulturePrintSIL Darwin12.1
NgaanyatjarraNTJC8142A -- Ngurra Pirningkatja 2 2000800-Music & CombinationsCDNgaanyatjarra Bible project10
NgaanyatjarraNTJC8143A -- Ngurra Pirningkatja 1 2000800-Music & CombinationsCDNgaanyatjarra Bible project10
NgaanyatjarraNTJC8146A -- Crusade Singers Alice Springs 1985800-Music & CombinationsCDNgaanyatjarra Bible project10
NgaanyatjarraNTJC8147A -- Turlku Pirninya 1985 Program 2800-Music & CombinationsCDNgaanyatjarra Bible project10
NgaanyatjarraNTJF5406A -- Ngaanyatjarra language lessons 1-10 book and CDs500-Language & CulturePrint + CDNgaanyatjarra Bible Project30
NgaanyatjarraNTJO9330A -- Tjiitjanya wina Sticker900-OtherCar StickerNgaanyatjarra Bible Project2
NgaanyatjarraNTJO9331A -- green/tjiitjanya kutju kulinma900-OtherCar StickerNgaanyatjarra Bible Project2
NgaanyatjarraNTJO9332A -- Tjiitjanya yamatji walykumunu sticker900-OtherCar StickerNgaanyatjarra Bible Project2
NgaanyatjarraNTJO9352A -- Mama Kuurrku Wangka Ngaanyatjarra Bible bag900-OtherOther10
NgaanyatjarraNTJP218A -- Mama Kuurrku Wangka Ngaanyatjarra Shorter Bibles200-Multiple Bible BooksPrintThe Bible Society in Australia30
NgaanyatjarraNTJP3112A -- Tjuma Kumpiltatja Pirninya Ngaralayirnu Yutirringu Tjiitjanya/ The Meaning of the Stories Came Clear When Jesus Came300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintNgaanyatjarra Bible Project10
NgaanyatjarraNTJP3403A -- Tjukurrpa Payipultatja-ya Bible Overview Ngaanyatjarra300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintNgaanyatjarra Bible Project10
NgaanyatjarraNTJP3404A -- Tjiipu Warlangunguru-ya Wankarringu - They were saved Through the Lamb with pencils300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintNgaanyatjarra Bible Project5
NgaanyatjarraNTJP3405A -- Mama Kuurrku Katja Tjiitjanya - God's Son Jesus300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintNgaanyatjarra Bible Project5
NgaanyatjarraNTJP3406A -- Tjiitjanya Wanka Nyinarra - Easter Colouring Book with pencils300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrint +Ngaanyatjarra Bible Project5
NgaanyatjarraNTJP3407A -- Tjiitjanya Yirti Ngarringu Colouring Book with Pencils300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrint +Ngaanyatjarra Bible Project5
NgaanyatjarraNTJP363A -- Mama Kuurrtu Ngarnmanypalpi Palyantija/What God Made in the Beginning + pencils300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrint +Ngaanyatjarra Bible Project5
NgaanyatjarraNTJP363A -- What God Made in the Beginning/ Mama Kuurrtu Ngarnmanypalpi Palyantija300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsPrintNgaanyatjarra Bible Project4
NgaanyatjarraNTJP516A -- Ngaanyatjarra Word List-Revised Edition 2017500-Language & CulturePrintAuSIL14
NgaanyatjarraNTJP530A -- Ngaanyatjarra Picture Dictionary500-Language & CulturePrintIAD Press30
NgaanyatjarraNTJP539A -- Ngaanyatjarra Learner's guide with audio CD500-Language & CulturePrintIAD Press30
NgaanyatjarraNTJP5405A -- Ngaanyatjarra Language Course Book only. Lessons 11-20 purple book500-Language & CulturePrintNgaanyatjarra Bible Project12
NgaanyatjarraNTJP5406A -- Ngaanyatjarra Language Course Book only. Lessons 1-10500-Language & CulturePrintNgaanyatjarra Bible Project12
NgaanyatjarraNTJP714A -- What is he looking at?/Nyaapa Nyakula?700-Biography & non-fictionPrintNgaanyatjarra Bible Project5
NgaanyatjarraNTJP8148A -- Ngaanyatjarra song book/Turlku Pirninya Hymnal800-Music & CombinationsPrintN.T. Print Management15
NgaanyatjarraNTJP9314A -- Tjukurrpa Pangkalangutjarra900-OtherPrintNgaanyatjarra Bible Project4
NgaanyatjarraNTJU3419A -- Ngaanyatjarra proverb, Ezekiel, Daniel300 Bible Stories & Small PortionsUSBAuSIL10
NgaanyatjarraNTJU5406A -- Ngaanyatjarra language courses 1-10 USB500-Language & CultureUSB15
Nga anyatjarraNTJA5406A -- Ngaanyatjarra learning course 1-10 book & USB stick500-Language & CulturePrint + USB30
Ngaanyatjarra NTJP8189A -- Turlku Pirninya_x000D_
Ngaanyatjarra Song book_x000D_
Ngaanyatjarra/NgaatjatjarraNTJP540A -- Ngaanyatjarra & Ngaatjatatjarra to English Dictionary500-Language & CulturePrintIAD Press60

General Language Information:

The Ngaanyatjarra language is spoken by 1,200 people in the Warburton Ranges in Western Australia.


There is no ‘f’, ‘h’, ‘s’, ‘v’, ‘x’ or ‘z’ sounds in the Ngaanyatjarra language however there are 3 ‘t’ sounds (symbolised by ‘t’, ‘tj’ and ‘rt’) there are 2 ‘r’ sounds (symbolised by ‘r’ and ‘rr’) and 4 ‘n’ sounds (symbolised ‘n’, ‘rn’, ‘ny’ and ‘ng’). Often one Ngaanyatjarra word may have several different meanings in English for example ‘wanka’ can mean ‘alive’ or ‘awake’ or even ‘uncooked’, and ‘mirri’ can mean ‘unconscious’ or ‘dead’. Conversely a single English word or term may have different meanings in Ngaanyatjarra, for example the term ‘to choke’ in English can mean ‘ lirrirntanku’ which refers to choking another person while ‘ngakalku’ refers to choking on something caught in the throat.
The Ngaanyatjarra language only has four words for numbers, these are;  kutju ‘one’; kutjarra ‘two’;  marnkurrpa ‘three’ or ‘a few’ and pirni ‘many’. Larger numbers are made by combining the smaller numbers, eg Kutjarra-kutjarra (‘four’), kutjarra-marnkurrpa (‘five’).

John 3:16 Tjiinyamarntu Mama Kuurrnga-tjanampa purlkanya ngarlturringu yarnangu mantangkatja pirniku. Palunyalunku Katja kurrurnkurlu witurnu. Nyangka-yayi pirnilu palunyanya mularrkuliranytjalu mirrirringkutjamaalpa wanka tirtu nyinama.