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Wubuy is the traditional language spoken in and around Numbulwar (pictured below, pop. 800), on the east coast of Arnhem Land, opposite Groote Eylandt, Australia. A number of speakers live on Groote Eylandt, and Wubuy is understood by many on Groote and in the surrounding region for whom it is not a first language. Most older adults speak Wubuy or at least understand it. However since young people at Numbulwar are now speaking Kriol as their first language, Wubuy is now considered an endangered language.


The first Bible translation work undertaken was the Gospel of Mark (Len Harris) in the 1940s. In 1952 when Rose River Mission (Numbulwar) was established, Earl Hughes, the chaplain, continued with translation work. This is significant as mainstream opinion at the time was that the Aboriginal "race" was dying out, and Aboriginal people should all learn English, so Bible translation was a waste of time.

Later, with the Whitlam years, there was a strong push from the Federal Government for Aboriginal languages to be supported. The funding provided greatly helped translation work. In 1976, The Church Missionary Society sent a couple to facilitate the work at Numbulwar by assisting the local translation team. Different methods were used, including local speakers using a tape recorder, subsequent keyboarding of the text and working through the multiple stages of checking. One lady in particular did a massive work of first drafting on her own.

In 2010 the Wubuy Shorter Bible was dedicated, containing Genesis 1-11, Ruth, Jonah, and the whole New Testament. The decision was made to discontinue further translation work as all the younger people at Numbulwar were speaking Kriol as their first language, and the whole Bible was available in that language. About a quarter of the Old Testament is past the first draft stage, and could be made available for future checking or audio recording if there was sufficient interest.

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