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Welcome to the electronic form of the Ngaanyatjarra Bible!


This electronic version of the Ngaanyatjarra Shorter Bible prepared by AuSIL reflects the text of Mama Kuurrku Wangka published by the Bible Society Australia in 2007.

Some of the Old Testament has been fully translated. Other sections are summarised or what is known as ‘story level’ translation. These sections are shown in italics.

Ngaanyatjarra and its closely related dialect Ngaatjatjarra are spoken in the central east of Western Australia near the border with the Northern Territory and South Australia. (See map.) Some speakers have migrated to the Eastern Goldfields area of Western Australia.

The main centre in the Ngaanyatjarra speaking area is Warburton and the United Aborigines Mission commenced mission work there in 1933. Wilf Douglas of the UAM commenced scientific study of the language in 1953 and the first Bible portions were published by the Scripture Gift Mission in the mid nineteen-fifties.

Amee Glass and Dorothy Hackett began language work at Warburton in 1963 under the auspices of the UAM Language Department. They continued the work that had been started by Douglas and others and began the translation of the New Testament in 1973. Working with thirty different Ngaanyatjarra and Ngaatjatjarra speakers they completed the New Testament in 1990. This was published by the Bible Society Australia in 1991.

Map Area

Working as members of the Ngaanyatjarra Bible Project, Glass & Hackett undertook further linguistic research and literacy work. A further ten Ngaanyatjarra and Ngaatjatjarra speakers joined the team and 18% of the Old Testament was translated and the New testament was revised. This was published in 2007 as the Ngaanyatjarra Shorter Bible, Mama Kuurrku Wangka.

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Ngaanyatjarra Audio Bible:
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Maakaku Tjukurrpa (Mark)

Luukaku Tjukurrpa (Luke)

Kurluny-kurlunypa Pirninya (Proverbs)

Tannyulngatjarra (Daniel)

Turlku Pirninya (Psalms)

Yiitjikulku Tjukurrpa (Ezekiel)