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Anmatyerr is spoken by approximately 1000 people to the north and north-east of Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory. The main communities are Laramba, Ti Tree, Utopia, Wilora and Yuelamu. This area has been traditionally Lutheran, having been evangelised by pastors and Aboriginal evangelists of the Finke River Mission since the late 1950’s, and continues to be supported by them. There are a number of indigenous pastors and churches active in these areas. Linguistic work was commenced by Jenny Green, who produced the Central Anmatyerr Picture Dictionary in 2003, and the Central and Eastern Anmatyerr to English Dictionary in 2010. (Both Institute for Aboriginal Development publications) Language and Culture programmes were introduced into some of the schools in the area, supported by teacher/linguists from the Department of Education and Training. Bible Translation work commenced at Ti Tree (NT) in October 2002, under a joint agreement between AuSIL and the Finke River Mission. The AuSIL linguists were invited by FRM to commence a Bible translation in Anmatyerr, following a request from an indigenous pastor. They worked in close association with the indigenous pastors, and have sought to serve the indigenous church and Mission where possible. It has been a priority to translate Scripture and liturgies for worship, as well as songs, hymns, Bible story books, and other materials. Mark’s Gospel was published in 2007, John’s Gospel in 2010, and a booklet containing seven New Testament letters in 2013. In 2013 the Small Catechism booklet was also launched, with an audio version.

The painting to the right, depicts the Bible translation process using the dot painting technique. The four corners represent various stages in the process, starting with the translation facilitator working with indigenous pastors/speakers and ending in a consultant check, around the computer!

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Anmatyerr Audio Bible:
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John Chapter 1            9Mb

John Chapter 2            5Mb

John Chapter 3            8Mb

John Chapter 4            13Mb

John Chapter 5            9Mb

John Chapter 6            13Mb

John Chapter 7            9Mb

John Chapter 8            11Mb

John Chapter 9            9Mb

John Chapter 10            8Mb

John Chapter 11            10Mb

John Chapter 12            11Mb

John Chapter 13            7Mb

John Chapter 14            6Mb

John Chapter 15            6Mb

John Chapter 16            7Mb

John Chapter 17            6Mb

John Chapter 18            9Mb

John Chapter 19            11Mb

John Chapter 20            7Mb

John Chapter 21            7Mb

Mark Chapter 1:1 - 5:1            64Mb

Mark Chapter 5:1 - 9:1            49Mb

Mark Chapter 9:2 - 12:27            54Mb

Mark Chapter 12:28 - 16:20            44Mb