Alyawarr Bible

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This electronic version of the Alyawarr Bible, prepared by AuSIL (the Australian Society for Indigenous Languages), reflects the text as published in the 2010 edition of Angka Mwerr-angker. It was translated by members of AuSIL and staff of the Finke River Mission of the Lutheran Church of Australia, in consultation with Alyawarr people, and published by Bible Society Australia. It contains four Old Testament books and eleven New Testament books.

The Gospel has been shared with Alyawarr people by members of several missions over many years, beginning in the 1940s with visits by staff of the Finke River Mission and indigenous Western Arrarnta evangelists. AuSIL members first began living and working amongst Alyawarr people in 1972. FRM placed permanent staff members in the area in 1988. After much preparatory work in language analysis and orthography development, Scripture translation began in 1994.

Between 1996 and 2001 a range of Bible story material and Scripture portions was published. In 2003 the first edition of Angka Mwerr-angker was published. It contained two Old Testament books and eight New Testament books. In 2013 an audio version of the Gospel of Luke was published.

Offline Standalone Version of this site:
The Alyawarr Bible and Concordance can be downloaded and installed for later use offline. Select which file below you wish to download, the Audio version file contains the files necessary for playing audio but is significantly larger to download:
Alyawarr Standalone Bible.msi (6MB).
Alyawarr Standalone Bible with Audio (366MB)

Program Installation instructions:
Download and run the installation file from the link above and confirm all prompts during the process. Once installed, a shortcut to the offline Bible will be placed on both the computer desktop and in the Start Menu under the group AuSIL. At this time, there is no support for installing on Mac.

Alyawarr Audio Bible:
Mp3 Recordings of Luke's Gospel for listening or select the link to download the MP3 file for future playback.

Luke Chapter 1            21Mb

Luke Chapter 2            15Mb

Luke Chapter 3            16Mb

Luke Chapter 4            14Mb

Luke Chapter 5            13Mb

Luke Chapter 6            18Mb

Luke Chapter 7            71Mb

Luke Chapter 8            19Mb

Luke Chapter 9            20Mb

Luke Chapter 10            16Mb

Luke Chapter 11            20Mb

Luke Chapter 12            21Mb

Luke Chapter 13            13Mb

Luke Chapter 14            14Mb

Luke Chapter 15            9Mb

Luke Chapter 16            12Mb

Luke Chapter 17            13Mb

Luke Chapter 18            13Mb

Luke Chapter 19            15Mb

Luke Chapter 20            16Mb

Luke Chapter 21            11Mb

Luke Chapter 22            19Mb

Luke Chapter 23            15Mb

Luke Chapter 24            12Mb